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Thursday, November 18, 2010

17 November

I was going to get off the computer and begin to resuscitate my house from what appears to have been a jolly fun Trash the Whole House Day celebration, but I now have a little one sleeping on the chair behind me and I Will Not endanger that by moving one inch out of this chair. So here I am blogging by default. :) Ready for the run down?

1. Have we done something to strengthen their minds / intellect?
After a little bit of reorganization of the living room bookshelves my girlie is loving picking out a math or phonics workbook on her own and doing a couple pages at the kitchen table. I'm loving this because it is completely self directed and self instigated, my very favorite kind of learning. Aren't those rare moments nice when our theories actually work out in real life?

2. Have we done something to strength their spirit / faith / their foundation in God?
Still reading away in The Jesus Storybook Bible. It's good for a mama's heart too.

Can I go off on a tangent here? What's with the comparing?? I am completely happy with where we're at, and then remind myself that others are doing more, that their children finished the Storybook Bible at 6 months and are now discussing Ryrie at naptime, and I feel inadequate. Worse, I feel like I am failing my daughter. If anyone has strategies for quieting those accusing voices that are never satiated no matter how much I do, I would love to hear them.

3. Have we done something to strengthen their bodies?
And the cold weather hits. I am absolutely not afraid of going for a walk when it's freezing out, but already I can see my tendency to hunker down inside and miss out on those big muscle activities. So no, not yesterday, but it's going to need to be a conscious choice this winter. I'm thinking this in the playroom. Hubs is not convinced. :)

4. Have we done something to strengthen their emotional self?
I've been greatly impressed this week by this quote from the linked article - "children are not meant to take direction from those to whom they are not currently attached, and this is meant to keep them safe." After reading this and a note on facebook we have implemented a new plan for coping with anger. When the girlie "feels angry, and it's getting BIG inside" she runs to me for a hug. So far . . . moderate progress.

5. Have we done something to strengthen our family bond(s)?
Can I just say I love bath time? Daddy understands the sensory issues with water that I just don't get, and listening to him sing to her while he got the tangles out of her hair last night was the best. We've also had some sleep and behaviour issues this week related to the blasted time change, and reinforcing the rules and working through them has been bonding. I can't get over how relationship building and affirmative discipleship/discipline without corporal punishment is. All the silliness I heard about the love a child feels for a parent after being spanked and "restored". It's just dysfunctional! This is good, this feels right.

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