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Monday, October 25, 2010

Set & Fresh Giveaway

I don't know how such things are determined, but if it was by mere chance that I (your friendly local crazy person with two dogs, two turtles and a bird) was chosen to try Febreze Set & Refresh in my home and write a review . . . Well let's just say Febreze should have played the lottery that day.

But that test wasn't enough for me. I, dear reader, am willing to go much farther than that to give you an excellent review. In fact, I went to Arizona for two weeks. Ok, going to Arizona actually had nothing to do with the Set & Fresh review, but it is very important for one reason. While we were away our house/pet sitter encountered some health problems and was unable to check in on the dogs quite as often as they needed. Without getting too graphic I hope you understand the particularly challenging set of circumstances surrounding my setting up my first Febreze Set & Refresh air freshener.

I received two air fresheners to review, one with the linen & sky scented refill and one with the pretty in pink thai dragon fruit refill. The packaging states that each is appropriate for a small to medium sized room. I placed the linen & sky freshener on my file cabinet in our main living room, a room I would not characterize as large but not huge. The pink thai dragon fruit freshener went in the master bedroom.

How did they perform? A month later I can tell you that I am basically very pleased. The linen & sky scent is quite subtle, perfect for me as I despise the smell of most air fresheners. To me they smell like chemicals, and this was the closest I believe I could get to a non-scented air freshener with just a bit of scent that smelled, well . . . fresh! The reusable units are adjustable, simply open them more to release more air freshing power. In the larger living area I had the linen & sky freshener opened fully, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it could manage the unpleasant odors in that bigger space quite well.

In the bedroom, a medium sized room, I found the thai dragon fruit scent overwhelming at full strength. It was a very easy adjustment to close the unit a bit, and the freshener was still able to manage the smell of big warm sleeping dogs without being overpowering. I was very happy to find the thai dragon fruit scent not too "fruity" or sweet with just a little hint of citrus that made me happy. In both rooms I was able to place the Febreze Set & Refresh unit exactly where I wanted to put, where I thought it would be most effective and most needed. Not being tied to a wall outlet but still not needing batteries made me a convert!

Most importantly, the Febreze Set & Refresh kept working! A month later I am beginning to think it is time to replace the refill cartridges (your purchase of one reusable unit will come with two of those) and in my house that might just be a record. I'm even willing to try some of the other scents which is brave new land for me!

Want to try them with me? I have a $5 Walmart gift card to give away thanks to Febreze Set & Fresh so that one of you lovely people can try a "fresh take on freshness" too. Of course you are also welcome to take your card and buy yourself a deli sub sandwich at Walmart. But it won't make your house smell so good.

Take a look at the scents below and let me know which one you want to try first!

please note: samples and prize pack were provided by P&G through MyBlogSpark


  1. ok. going to try again to leave a comment....

    It sounds to me like you gave this air freshener the ULTIMATE test! If it can stand up to two dogs, it must be a winner. And I like that you mention it doesn't have an overpowering scent.

    I have two teenage boys which are infamous for being smelly, and a 9mo baby girl. Def planning on trying this! I want to try the Haiwaan.

  2. I would like to enter.

  3. That Thai Dragon Fruit one sounds nice. Just a bit of citrus, you say? I usually hate sweet fruity ones, too, so I may try that one. :-) Might put it in my three year old's room, see if it can't make it smell like he HASN'T spent the night wetting his bed...

  4. I'd like to enter too! I completely get the "dog in the house" thing...phew! I would try the Apple and Spice first just because it's Fall and I love that scent.