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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 11

One blog in and I ended up sick, sick, sick. But here I am again! Come take a peek.

1. Have we done something to strengthen their minds / intellect?
After dinner we played War, a fun way to practice less and more than concepts.

2. Have we done something to strength their sprit / faith / their foundation in God?
I think that this one is a no today. As always that frustrates me. I know there are subconscious real things being learned and communicated every day, but I want to be conscious about this especially. Though I have a feeling that it is the unconscious that sticks. Something to think about.

3. Have we done something to strengthen their bodies?
Play time at the park. Lots of hanging and swinging and generally being a little monkey.

4. Have we done something to strengthen their emotional self?
Mom and dad argued, and made a conscious choice to finish it and move on. I'm not sure how much she noticed, but I hope to model healthy conflict for her rather than just agreement at all times. I'm sure you wanted to know about this. :)

5. Have we done something to strengthen our family bond(s)?
Unsure? I think this one is going to be tricky for me.

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