"The miracles of nature do not seem miracles because they are so common. If no one had ever seen a flower, even a dandelion would be the most startling event in the world."

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thoughts of Spring Blog Party


I'm participating in my first blog party! I desperately need to write, and Spring is definitely on my mind so I couldn't argue. Here's the questions I copied from dancing barefoot on weathered ground. Wanna join in the fun? There are lots of super fun prizes!

How would people describe your personality? (If they could only use ONE word.) Are they right?

Crazy? No doubt they would be right. I don't have any idea where I first heard it, but I often quote the phrase "Crazy keeps me sane." That pretty much sums it up.

What celebrity/celebrities would create a “Star-Struck” feeling if you saw them in real life?

Not a big fan of celebrities. I'm amazed by Angelina Jolie, so if we had to do a true celebrity I'd go with her. I feel star-struck every time I talk to Olafur Arnalds and I so want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with Kate Hansen someday.

Who is your favorite blogger? Why?

Whoa hard! I'm actually going to have to go with Red Light | Dark Room. Surprisingly it's not a "Mommy Blog". Most of the 214 tying for 2nd favorite are. I dream of volunteering in St. Kilda for a month some day. Book release is next week!

What is your comfort food/drink?

Hot tea. I don't drink it often when I'm happy, but if I'm ill or unhappy sipping hot tea makes me feel safe and cared for.

Be brave – tell us something very random and weird about yourself.

Random and weird I do well so it's difficult to think of something I need to be brave to share. I adore my short, short hair. When I try to grow it out I look at pictures of it short and seriously morn it. :)

Do you have a strong desire to do something you’ve never done?

Yes! Tons of things.

What is it?

One thing? I want to catch a baby.

Movies: Action, Drama, Romantic Comedy, Documentary, Comedy? What are your favorite genres?

Psychological drama

Books: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, Biographies, True Stories, Self-Help, Devotional/Study? What are your favorite types of reading material?

I've been reading a lot non-fiction lately but I picked up Nineteen Eighty Four finally Thursday night and it was so deeply refreshing to read fiction again.

Music: Funk, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, Film Score, Blues, Classic Rock, Crooner, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Techno? What are your favorite types?

Indie/Pop I also have a strong propensity to answer multiple choice questions without using one of the choices.

If you inherited a million dollars, what is the first thing you would do with your money?

The first thing would be to pay off our home. Then I'd put it on the market and buy very a small farm closer to Dee's work. :)

Name one weakness of yours (confession is good for the soul).

I cannot keep my bedroom neat and organized. I'm incredibly messy.

If you could live anywhere at all (and take all your loved ones with you), where would you go?

All of my loved ones? Seriously? I need a commune in the Midwest. New Zealand is looking good though. . .

Strange Talent? Can you juggle basketballs, put your legs behind your head or perform some other strange feat?

I have no strange talents. :)

What’s something you consider yourself to be good at? (Don’t worry, it’s not bragging, it’s acknowledging a God given gift).

I have no modesty. If you need info but you're embarrassed to ask come talk to me. I can talk about anything. How's that for a talent?

What is one of your favorite things to catch a whiff of?

A new baby's hair

When you leave a social gathering, do you wish: You would have talked more or You would have talked less?


If money wasn’t a factor, what stores would you shop in?

Small privately owned shops in far away countries :)

What is your greatest fear or strange phobia?

My strangest phobia would be tsunamis. Real threat here in the Midwest. Dee says it's because the water isn't bottled. He could have a point.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Stepping away from everything I knew and had experienced about parenting and taking a whole different path.

What are your favorite animals?

Dog and giraffes - really I just love animals. You'd be hard pressed to find one I didn't like. Even opossums.

Are you a hopeless romantic?

No. But because of that I'm a complete sucker for romance when I run into it. :)

What movie or book character can you most relate to?

Mmm, I can list songs I relate to, but a movie or book character? Leave a comment and tell me who you think of!


  1. Hi. Nice to meet you. My name is Amy. I had planned to try and get around to reading all of these links, but more kept appearing and I have run out of time. I think these links disappear when the party ends, so since I will no longer be able to find your blog, please contact me and let me know if you are interested in me still reading your link and I can come back at another date and do so. I have throuly enjoyed learning about everyone I have read about so far and would love to know more about you too! Hope you have enjoyed the party...

  2. Party!! :D

    Hi, I'm Rachel from www.missrachelb.com.

    "small privately owned shops in faraway countries"-- so true. I make do with Thrift shops and world market ;)

    visit me and chat up! <3

  3. Nice to meet you. I have been doing lots of non fiction but maybe it is time for a good story again.