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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yeah, you're thinking the same thing I am -- Christmas card time! Or maybe not.

Correspondence "snail mail" style is not my biggest strength. Boxes sit half packed (or worse, fully packed!) for weeks if not months. Thank you cards don't get mailed . . . and then we have Christmas cards.

This year I did it right. I packed away last year's Christmas cards neatly in the tree decoration box along with the envelopes or addresses -- all ready to give me the information I needed to respond to dear friends with a Christmas card this year. Sunday we opened that box and I took the cards out and set them on the mantle rather pleased with myself. Surprisingly, this did not actually take care of the Christmas card task for this year!

Thankfully, I was not without resources in conquering this foe! A friend on facebook shared this link for an opportunity to receive 50 photo cards from Shutterfly just for blogging about their new holiday photo card line. Yes, feel very used. I could apologize, but instead I'll send you an adorable photo Christmas card if you just make sure I have your address! And seriously, if you're still trying to figure out what you're doing for Christmas cards (am I the only slacker??) there are so many options here I think it would be impossible not to find one you love. Use the coupon code "HolidayCard10" and get up to 30% off at checkout. See? I do care! And if you're looking for photo gifts don't miss their snazzy mugs. (Why yes, I was required to include another link, how did you guess?? But really, for photo mugs, these are snazzy!) Best part? You can do it all without having to go anywhere! Except the post office. I don't think I can save you that trip . . .

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