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Monday, September 27, 2010

How It All Began

It all started with a heart touching post from a friend in which she referenced five questions that she asks herself. You will learn that definable goals in parenting are a really big deal to me. I have said again and again that I can't figure out how to get somewhere, measure my progress, or see where I have gotten off the path until I know where I am going. And so, with permission from an inspiring mama, I have borrowed her list of five questions and started this page as a way to keep myself accountable (to me) and give people who love us a glimpse into our day. In order to keep you interested, I will also be using this page to keep track of somewhat related links that happen to fascinate me or that say something better than I could have said it. Check "The Files" posts for these. Please see the following disclaimer.

Disclaimer/The (Pretty Big So You Don't Miss It) Small Print: I will not accomplish each of these goals every day. And I'm going to own up to that too. Real life happens, and around here we are really real! What I want to be able to do is see if I am missing a certain category every day - that will remind me where we need a bit of fine tuning. What's more, I promise to not be consistent in posting every day. I would love to be, but, quite plainly I won't. If you see me "forgetting" more often than I am remembering please feel free to gently prod me with a very sharp stick.

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